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How I got 30,000 Pageviews My First Month Blogging

One of the hardest things about blogging can be getting pageviews to your blog. I have read so much about it and love finding new ways to get more, especially more pageviews first month blogging.

Having two blogs in the past, my pageviews never reached where this one is (especially the pageviews first month blogging). I had so much to learn.

Over the last 3 years, I didn’t have a blog because I had went on a different venture but I never stopped learning.

Since I missed blogging, I wanted to take my passion and what I learned and start again. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still not perfect and I still have lots to learn.

How I got 30,000 Pageviews My First Month Blogging

How I got 30,000 Pageviews My First Month Blogging

In my first month of blogging, here is what I did…

1. Writing about what’s in season/popular

Started this blog the last week of August 2019 and everyone was already talking about Fall.

Since I was going to be writing about crafts, that’s where I started, Fall content.

2. Pinterest – The BIG ONE for pageviews!

Pinterest was always the best place to promote any of my blogs, it’s were so many people are.

Pinterest is also a awesome search engine and a place to get more content.

I posted one of my first few posts over on Pinterest right before Labor Day weekend and over that weekend, it went Viral.

It was a Fall craft post and it got lots of attention and that is how my blog first took off.

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3. Tailwind

If you are using Pinterest to promote your blog, you need to be using Tailwind, they practically go hand in hand.

Immediately after launching my blog, I created a Tailwind account. I made sure to read up on some information to make sure I was going to use it the right way.

After creating your account, make sure to join some Tailwind Tribes that relate to your blog.

Also, make sure you keep your schedule filled with pins, your own pins and pins of others, I recommend more from others than your own.

That’s pretty much all I did the first month to get traffic, I got a few from Facebook and Instagram but not a lot.

Now, your probably wondering, did I make any income… yes I did!

The only way I have my blog monetized at the moment is a few amazon links and google adsense (the main source).

Adsense in September… $128 , which is not bad if you ask me.

But wait a second…

Around the end of September, I got more sessions (analytics) needed to qualify for Mediavine, which they require 25K, I got around 26K.

Now I am just waiting to hear back from Mediavine and hopefully I will get approved.

With everything I have read, I hear you can make so much more money with them than you can with Google Adsense, wish me luck!

What ways have you used to increase your pageviews that have worked?

How I got 30,000 Pageviews My First Month Blogging