Step-by-Step Guide: Crafting Your Own Easter Wood Stencil Decor

While I don’t usually do a lot of Easter decor, I just had to give these stencils a try once I found these arrows and the table top egg. I had so much fun making this Easter Wood Stencil Decor for my home, even more because it Farmhouse style.

This could get addicting. Once I saw a friend of mine doing stenciling and making such beautiful wood crafts, I just had to find out where she was getting her supplies.

Easter Wood Stencil Decor

Easter Wood Stencil Decor

First let me tell you about this big ole’ table top Easter Egg that I just had to have.

I saw where another lady had stenciled one and she told me she had got it at Michael’s and I ran up there to look and was so excited to find one left on the shelf .

Before I go any further, I am sure you are wondering where I got the stencils and what color stain I used on the wood.

For the stain, I am using Minwax water-based in the color Rustic Oak. Since the color is not premade, I had someone at Lowe’s mix it up for me. I am just loving this stain color.

As far as the stencils, the ones I am using are from Essential Stencil. I have heard so many great things about them and it’s what my friend recommended.

Easter Wood Stencil Decor

Essential Stencil has many many different stencils to choose from. They also have a Stencil of the Month Club that you can join and get exclusive stencils that you won’t find on the site in general, it’s where these (in the post) are listed.

Easter Wood Stencil Decor

As you can tell in the photos that are some arrows that are stenciled, those came from the craft section at Dollar Tree, which is the place I get most of my craft supplies most of the time.

I know that some Dollar Tree’s have a bigger craft section that others but always make sure to check that isle for the wood products when you visit your local store.

I added them in because I wanted something for Spring added and there were Spring stencils combined with the Easter ones. The possibilities are endless on what you can make and mix and match with these stencils in every package.

These little hanging wood signs can be used indoors or out in your flower garden for an added touch. I think I will keep my indoors along side the Easter Egg.

Easter Wood Stencil Decor

The large Easter egg needed something added so I grabbed some Jute rope from Hobby Lobby and hot glued it on. It gives it so much more character.

Easter Wood Stencil Decor

I just love all the graphics that are included in the stencils. I was so glad that I remembered that not only did I have white chalk paint on hand but also many colors of acrylic paint that I mixed and made these pretty pastel colors, so Springy!

BUT, I hated that I didn’t realize that I had the other colors until after I had already done the large egg, but it works anyway.

Easter Wood Stencil Decor

Easter Wood Stencil Decor

I really hope you enjoyed this Easter craft as much as I did, it was a lot of fun to make. I can’t wait to see what the April Stencil of the Month brings. Make sure to check it out to see if it’s something that you might be interested in.

What do you think about this Easter Wood Stencil Decor? Doesn’t it just scream Easter and Spring?!? I am really happy with the way it turned out and it blends well with the other decor in my home.

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