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10 Ways To Grow Your Direct Sales Business On Facebook

10 Ways To Grow Your Direct Sales Business On Facebook

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Have you ever been wondering how to grow your direct sales business on Facebook? So many have, I am sure.

It wasn’t until about four years ago that I started marketing my Direct Sales business on Facebook. I didn’t really know there was a right or wrong way to do it, just did what everyone else was doing or telling me to do.

But there is!

Mostly what I am going to be talking about in this post is your Facebook Personal Profile. Some use it to market their direct sales business and some don’t, maybe because they don’t know how or care too, up to them.

I did it the wrong way for years and didn’t really get anywhere but I have changed all that. All the things that I am going to mention, I did not do but I see so many others still doing them today.

Here are 10 Ways To Grow Your Direct Sales Business On Facebook, do’s and don’ts.

Facebook Name

Make sure to use your real name, don’t add to it. I see many people putting their direct sales company at the end of their name.

This makes so sense because you can put that info in other places on your profile. It looks tacky attached to your name.

Facebook Bio

This is where you would put things about you, such as makeup lover, mom of four, whatever you want. But did you also know, you can put your business name and url there? It’s how I have mine set up and it works.

Cover Photo

One of the first things most people see when visiting your profile is the cover photo, so put something their that means a lot to you. Some pout inspirational quote photos and some put family photos, ect, which is what you want.

What you don’t want to do is put photos of your products or business type graphics, that will steer people away, you are already looking like an infomercial to them, bit no no!

Profile Photo

Pretty much the same as your cover photo here. I have actually seen people put product or business photos as their profile picture, again you look like an infomercial.

People want to see you and only you, it’s one way for them to get to know you and who they might be friends with on Facebook.

About Section

Keep this section simple and not cluttered. You can link to your business pages, if any, any past employments you might have had, ect. You can also link to your other social media profiles and ad your website url.


This one is a big one! How many times have you seen someone post about their business and use product or business type photos? I have seen many.

Again, your looking like an infomercial and people are just going to scroll as fast as they can right past you. So stop it!

What you want to do is, is craft your post like a lifestyle type post. Incorporate your product into a personal type post, such has how your using it or why someone might need it.

BUT, we want to see you using it when it comes to photos, not just photos of the product in general.

You want to know what could possibly happen if you just look like your trying to sell your product when posting, you could get unfollowed, unfriended or even Blocked and you don’t want that.

Share not Sell!


Facebook Messaging

Here is another thing that could get you unfriended or even blocked, cold messaging. What do I mean by that, sending someone you don’t know or haven’t talk to in forever a message just to talk about your business.

If you are going to message someone, only send a message to them if they have sparked some kinda interest in your business or product. But, if you do message them for that reason, talk to them like a person, not a sales person.

Facebook Group

Another thing you can do is create a private group for your customers. This is a place where you would probably want to share new products first, give your customers special deals (if allowed) or even do giveaways.

You can start the group at first as a place to launch your business and tell everyone about it, also like an online party room. Then use it for what i mentioned above.

Business Page

If you decide you want to start a business page for your business, that would be great. Posting on a page can be different but people want to get to know you there too, not just product posts.


With all of that said, make sure to brand yourself. People buy from you, they really don’t care about your product. They want to know how what you have to offer is going to help them.

I hope all of this has made some sense, if not, please leave a comment or reach out to me and I will help.

I wish you great success with your business.

10 Ways To Grow Your Direct Sales Business On Facebook

Sharing is caring!

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