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Sharing the Love with Average Joes Cookies

Over the summer I got the privilege of trying these amazing cookies called Average Joes Cookies.

They had a booth setup next to me at an event in downtown Tyler. I was just working my booth and smelling these cookies throughout the event and knew I had to try them.

Average Joes Cookies

They had a few samples out and I tried one of their most popular cookies which was the “dark chocolate chunk pecan cookie” and let me tell you, it was delicious.

Average Joes Cookies
Average Joes Cookies

About Average Joes Cookies

Average Joe’s Cookies is a small, family owned business based in Whitehouse, Texas. Joel, the recipe creator, has a background in the restaurant industry and has always been passionate about creativity in the kitchen.

Average Joe’s original dark chocolate chunk pecan cookie was created after watching a bake off between a professional chef and an amateur cook on a YouTube show during the pandemic lock down.

That original recipe was created by combining the best from each recipe.

After years of recipe refinement and many batches tested on family and friends, Joel was badgered by one especially vocal family member into starting a cookie business thus Average Joe’s Cookies was born.

Joel runs Average Joe’s Cookies with his wife and three kids who help bake, label, and package the cookies.

Their menu has grown to include the original Dark Chocolate Chunk Pecan and a Milk Chocolate Chunk Pecan. Both of these weigh in at a gut busting 90 grams and are packed with large chocolate chunks, pecans, home made brown sugar, and farm fresh eggs.

These are big enough to share, but you will regret when you give half of your cookie away.

Just in time for the holiday season Joel has added Snicker Doodles and Pumpkin Doodles . These weigh in at 50 grams each which are perfect to hide from your kids who definitely don’t deserve any. You deserve ALL of them.

Average Joes Cookies

By the time the event got ready to shut down, I went and purchased a half dozen of the ones that I tried samples of and shared them with a few friends.

Average Joes Cookies

These cookes are not overwhelmingly sweet, which is one of the reasons why I purchased some. Everyone that tried them, loved them.

Average Joes Cookies

Average Joe’s can be found online through Facebook, Instagram and on their website.

Average Joes Cookies