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Transforming Your Nails for a New Look – Nails by Terri Review

I am not one to get my nails done professionally but I decided to start a few years ago. I had found a lady near by called Nails by Terri and her do my nails for the very first time.

It was quiet an experience for me back then, getting my nails done for the first time ever but I really loved how they turned out.

The first two photos below are from the very first time and I had went with something kinda basic.

Nails by Terri Review

The colors were beautiful and we had done a mixture of color and glitter.

nails by terri review

Recently I decided that I am tired of all they press on nails ruining my real nails. I decided to look her back up and start getting my nails done again.

This time, every chance I get.

I am loving the turquoise/teal glitter effect, it’s also one of my favorite colors.

nails by terri review

I started out the year 2024 with a beautiful pink chrome look.

I highly recommend Nails by Terri. She really does great work and can pretty much do anything you need, just ask.

She specializing in sculpted nails, nail art, manicures, and pedicures.

She is right here in East Texas and you can find her located at 16700 FM 2493, Gresham, TX.

Nails by Terri