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Welcome to my travel page. This is where you will find some of my travels/vacations that I have went on and that I recommend. I don’t go on a lot of trips but my plans are to travel more and see more things in the future.

I have always been someone that is always searching and learning about places to go and see, whether it be for me or someone else and have done it for fun.

With that being said… I have decide to become a travel agent and have partnered with Fora Travel. My specialty is helping you make plans to visit East Texas, go on any southern beach vacation or hop on a ship and go on a cruise from the port of Galveston Texas.

Texas has approximately 367 miles of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico.

While not all of this coastline consists of sandy beaches, there are several beach areas along the Texas Gulf Coast, including popular destinations like Galveston, Corpus Christi, and South Padre Island.

The specific mileage of sandy beaches may vary due to factors such as erosion and changes in coastal geography over time.

If you ever need help planning your next trip or vacation, please visit my Fora Travel profile or join my East Texas Travel & Beyond Facebook Group and let me help you make some great travel memories.

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