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Festive and Charming: My Farmhouse Style Christmas Tree

There is nothing that makes me more happy than to have crafted and decorated my first Farmhouse Style Christmas Tree.

I took my time with this tree. I had it up a week before Thanksgiving and added things to it as I made them, it was fun.

It’s always been my style but never have decorated one like this before.

I think it’s because I started crafting way more than I ever have in this year and found so many neat things on Pinterest.

my first Farmhouse Style Christmas Tree

Knowing that I wanted to put a galvanized tree collar underneath, I didn’t want to pay the price I was seeing online.

We decided to head over to Atwood’s store and bought a galvanized tub and cut out a hole in the bottom. I also sprayed some of that fake snow, which really just the tree look totally different that it use to.

I set out to craft most of my own ornaments, some redoing the old ones I have.

As shown below, I took my old plastic ornaments, some Jute Cord and Fabric and covered them. I am totally love these.

my first Farmhouse Style Christmas Tree
my first Farmhouse Style Christmas Tree
my first Farmhouse Style Christmas Tree

I grabbed a couple of big things from the Dollar Tree such as the Santa and Snowman added them.

Wrapping the tree in big burlap ribbon, not the best job but it works.

I added a few white ornaments with words that I crafted myself, only made four but will probably add more to it next year.

All of the other ornaments are from years past that I have picked up along the way. There is some plastic snow globe looking ones with deer on them, deer antlers and a few other assorted ones.

Also, I picked up that little snowman ornament (in the front) at the Dollar Tree, its musical.

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my first Farmhouse Style Christmas Tree

On the top of the tree, instead of using the original start that I have always used, I decided to grab a bunch of floral items from Dollar Tree and stick them in the top, along with a big candy cane.

my first Farmhouse Style Christmas Tree

I am really loving my tree, so much that I am probably not going to want to take it down.

My First Farmhouse Style Christmas Tree

My First Farmhouse Style Christmas Tree

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