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Stay Comfortable and Beat the Heat with the Newair Pedestal Misting Fan 24″ SKU NMF7K5BK00

When the temp starts to rise, we are always looking for ways to keep cool. It’s really hard sitting outside on the back porch comfortably at certain times a day. At least until we got this amazing Newair Pedestal Misting Fan.

I live in Texas, so it gets very hot here in the Summer. Actually, the heat starts really rising in the Spring. I was so excited to get this fan and use it right away. Now it’s a lot more cooler on my back porch.

Newair Pesestal Misting Fan

About the Author and this Review

My name is Teresa and I am the owner of this blog and since I live in Texas, I wanted to share with you my experience with this amazing misting fan.

My Experience with the Newair Pedestal Misting Fan

My experience has been amazing so far. I have been able to sit outside and enjoy this fan at any time of day, even when it’s at its hottest. Everyone has loved it.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Keeps my porch cooler, easy to refill tank without hooking up hose, has 3 speeds, customizable misting volumn.

Cons: None, except maybe you might want to put it where it’s going to be staying, its pretty heavy to move around.

Who The Product is for?

This fan is for anyone that lives in a hot and humid area during the summer or just wants to keep cool when sitting out side or working.

How to Use the Product

This misting fan is very easy to use.

  • Make sure to read all of the instructions when putting it all together or it can take you awhile to get it right (like my husband did!)
  • Once you get it all together, place it in the location where you will be using it.
  • At the base, there is place to pour in your water. Just take your hose or jug and pour in about 1.75 gallon of water and close the cover. (photos below)
  • Plug in your fan.
  • On the back of the fan, there is a knob to adjust the fan speed, pictured below. Ajust to your liking.
  • Also on the back of the fan, there is a red button, that turns on and off the water mister.
  • Below the fan, almost towards the bottom, there is a white knob that will adjust the misting of the water to your liking.
  • Enjoy your fan on the patio or at work and keep cool!

Is this Product Worth it?

Yes! I hightly recommend purchasing this amazing fan to keep cool. It has made my time on the porch so much more comfortable.

What I like and what I don’t like

I love everything about this fan except that I can’t move it around easily. That is not an issue though because I have it where it’s going to be staying.

What is it?

The Newair Outdoor Misting Fan provides wide-reaching relief from even the most unbearable summer heat in arid, desert climates. The powerful 7,500 CMF drives cooling mist across your patio, pool deck or outdoor kitchen to bring down the temperature while you enjoy a sunny day outdoors.

Newair 24″ Pedestal Misting Fan SKU NMF7K5BK00

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Are portable misting fans worth it?

Yes. This is my second misting fan from Newair and it keeps my porch a lot more cooler during the summer months here in Texas.

Is a mist fan better than a normal fan?

Yes, in my opinion. This fan alone is great but the misting really helps when the humidy is high and you really need to keep cool.

Which is the best mist fan?

I would recommend the Newair 24″ Pedestal Misting Fan, SKU NMF7K5BK00

Do misting fans work in high humidity?

Yes, definitely! I live in Texas where the humidity is very high in the summer and this fan keeps my back porch a lot cooler.
Newair 24" Pedestal Misting Fan