Crafting on a Dime: How to Start Crafting on a Budget

Have you ever wanted to start crafting but thought going to craft stores where out of your budget? Let me tell you how you can start crafting on a budget.

Yes, it’s possible!

I dabbed in crafting a little here and there for a few years but never could justify the cost of going to big craft stores or even department stores. I thought might as well buy it already made.

By the time I would buy everything, it was turning out to be a simple expensive craft.

I felt like I had been living under a rock when…

In early 2019 I joined a Facebook group about crafting so that I can get some ideas and start making my own home decor and such.

And here are two ways that I learned to start doing my own crafts on a budget. I hope these help you get started as well.

Discount Craft Supplies – Crafting On A Budget

How to start crafting on a budget

Crafting On A Budget – Dollar Tree

I rarely would ever to go into a Dollar Tree, just knew it was a place to get cheap stuff and never really saw a need to go in that often.

Only going in from time time to get party supplies or something and now know where was a whole part of the store that was waiting on me. Not to mention other odds and ends that I could benefit from.

I found on group on Facebook where lot’s of others where making these awesome crafts just from supplies from DT and my eyes lit up. Knowing I had to be apart of it to learn, I joined in.

Started looking up more ideas on Pinterest too.

After all of the searching, I started going to the DT almost weekly to shop the Seasonal, kitchen, crafts and other departments.

Before I knew it, I had a long list of things to make and the ideas just keep on flowing.

Crafting On A Budget – Resale Shops

There are so many resale shops out there, if you have never been to one, you should.

I know some of them can be a little pricey but you can also find cheap things too. If you have a Goodwill in your area, it’s also a nice place to look for cheap craft items.

I have found rolls of ribbon for less than a dollar and so many other things. It’s so easy to find random things to repurpose too and turn it into something else or give it a whole new look.

I hope this has giving you some ideas and help you to get started crafting without spending a lot of money.

Remember though, I would only go into the DT to get what you need for the crafts you will be making at the time.

If you go in there to buy everything that you might possibly need to make lot’s of crafts, it can get a little pricey.

Another tip: DT stars putting out seasonal merchandise early (just like all the other stores). Make sure you get what you need early or stop by quiet often to look.


You might not see them again for months if they go on back order, like the splatter screen did.

You can also shop for DT items online if you like to buy things in bulk. As a crafter, you never know, you might need quiet a few of the items and they might now have many in stock locally.

Happy Crafting! I can’t wait to see what you make. Please share you crafts with me so that I can see over on my Facebook Page.

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Dollar Tree Splatter Screen Pumpkin
Dollar Tree Splatter Screen Snowman
Dollar Tree Splatter Screen Santa
Dollar Tree 3 Tier Tray

How to start crafting on a budget
How to start crafting on a budget

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