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Fall Magic: DIY Decorated Scented Brooms to Welcome the Season

Do you have some of those cinnamon scented brooms lying around, even after the scent is gone? I’ve had a couple for years. Let me show you how to make your own DIY Decorated Scented Brooms, Fall & Halloween style.

If I’m not mistaken, you can pretty much buy these scented brooms anywhere now (In the Fall) but I purchased mine from Dollar General.

DIY Decorated Scented Brooms

DIY Decorated Scented Brooms – Fall & Halloween

Every year I pull these brooms out and add them in with my Fall and Halloween decor but they always look to plain and I knew they needed something to add to them, just had no idea what.

I came across brooms just like this at a local festival recently and saw that they had decorated them.

I thought to myself, THIS IS GENUIS!

And, they were done with things that I already had on hand.

DIY Decorated Scented Brooms

Supplies Ideas – DIY Decorated Scented Brooms

  • Jute Cord
  • Rope
  • Spray Paint
  • Ribbon
  • Mesh Tubing
  • Mesh
  • Burlap
  • Raffia
  • and so much more!

All the things I used where things I had on hand and most (if not all) can be purchased at your local Dollar Tree.

DIY Decorated Scented Brooms

How To – DIY Decorated Scented Brooms

The first thing I did was spray painted each broom at the base. Purple for Halloween and Goldish-Brown for Fall. You can do yours any color you wish.

Please know that my local Walmart was out of purple paint and I had some of that Halloween temporary hair color on hand. I wouldn’t recommend using that (like I did lol) that stuff is a mess and it stinks.

I spray painted it black at first and should have kept it that way.

DIY Decorated Scented Brooms

For my Fall broom, I wrapped Fall style ribbon around the handle and took another style of Fall ribbon and made a bow and tied it at the base of the handle.

I then took some Raffia and used it to tie around the top and base of handle just as I did the ribbon to make a bow. You can never go wrong with Raffia this time of year.

To make Halloween broom,, I took some black mesh tubing and wrapped it all around the broom handle, tightly and glued the ends to keep it in place.

DIY Decorated Scented Brooms

I then took some really pretty shiny Halloween ribbon and tied some around the top of the handle to make a bow.

If you have one or more of these brooms on hand or thinking of picking some up to make these, just know that there is no wrong way to do these. Decorated them as you wish and have fun.

I wish had I came across something like this sooner, they looked awful as is with my other decor, ha!

These brooms normally cost around $4 (at least they are at DG) and smell so good with a strong scent of cinnamon. But it doesn’t last long so I try and add more scent to it occasionally with cinnamon oils, my preference.

DIY Decorated Scented Brooms

Once done, I was really happy with my new DIY Decorated Scented Brooms and now they blend in very well with all my other Fall and Halloween Decor.

I will be placing these near my fireplace up against the brick along with other decor or on the wall, can’t decide.

If you decide to make some of these on your own, I would love to see them. Make sure to stop by my Facebook page or Pinterest and share your finished product with me.

And please make sure to give me a follow on my social media pages for more fun DIY and crafts.


DIY Decorated Scented Brooms