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Blooming Beauty: How to Create a DIY Raised Wild flower Garden

Do you have a raised wild flower garden in your backyard?

They are so nice to have around for the butterflies, hummingbirds and honey bees. Plus it ads such beautiful color to your yard during those warmer months.

DIY  Raised Wild Flower Garden

My raised wildflower garden is nothing fancy.

I live in a duplex and my space is limited, even though I have a good size back yard. I just don’e want to plant everything in the ground, in a rental.

DIY  Raised Wild Flower Garden

When I told the hubs that I wanted a raised wildflower garden for the butterflies, he went to work.

We had a few old palettes laying around and that is what he used to make this table for me. You can do anything with an old palette, right?

DIY  Raised Wild Flower Garden

Once he build it, he drilled holes in the bottom for water drainage and then we filled it up with potting soil.

DIY  Raised Wild Flower Garden

I had three or four packs of different wildflower seeds, I can’t even remember what they were as I threw away the packs after planting them.

Once they bloom, I will know what they were.

I can’t wait!

DIY  Raised Wild Flower Garden

If you are wondering what the colorful plants are in the bed , that is a Celosia Kewpie Mix. We picked a flat of it up at a local nursery and he just fell in love with them.

Hubs wanted to add some color. I put some of those flowers in individual posts, as you will see below.

DIY  Raised Wild Flower Garden
DIY  Raised Wild Flower Garden
DIY  Raised Wild Flower Garden

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DIY Raised Wild Flower Garden – Nearby Items

We have been working really hard in the back yard this year, making it look cozy and relaxing while we enjoy bird watching and drinking coffee on the porch (which I love to do).

I picked up this beautiful birdhouse wind chime recently. They had other colors, so I might pick up one more to add to the other side of the porch. I love listening to them.

DIY  Raised Wild Flower Garden

I picked up one strawberry plant for now. I love strawberries, so I might have to get me another plant or two. You can never have to many strawberries right?

DIY  Raised Wild Flower Garden

We have picked up a few more rose bushes this year because I just love them.

Like I said before, I keep most of my plants and flowers in pots because for some reason, I have had bad luck in the past because we are in a rental and I want to be able to take them all with me (without pulling them up) when we decide to move.

DIY  Raised Wild Flower Garden

Here is where I add some of those flowers, mentioned above, in posts to add more color in and around the porch.

There are a few other plants on this table as well as a fern but I didn’t get them all in the photo.

Next, I will be getting a couple Majesty Palms to add out here. I had two last year but they died. I had no idea they were safe to be around cats or I would have brought them indoors.

This time I know and hopefully I can keep them around longer.

DIY  Raised Wild Flower Garden

I hope you enjoyed my backyard view, I love it. It’s one of my favorite places to be when I am at home.

There is another spot way out in my back yard (away from the house) where I have bird feeders and a birdbath. I love watching them.

There is also a hummingbird feeder near the wind chimes.

Once the wildflowers bloom, I will update this post with photos of them for you to checkout.

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DIY  Raised Wild Flower Garden