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100 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Are you a new blogger or just need some Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas?

When you’re a new blogger or have been blogging for awhile, you’re always looking for ideas, it happens.

Lifestyle blogs normally focus on many different interests such as beauty, fashion, recipes, crafts and more.

Pick a few interests for your blog and then start a list of ideas to write about for each category.

The list below are ideas that I came up with to not only help me but you too.

100 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

100 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Beauty/Fashion Blog Post Ideas

  • How to create a smoky eye
  • Morning/Nighttime skin care routine
  • How to find the perfect foundation shade
  • Your top 10 favorite beauty products
  • Classic makeup look
  • What’s in your makeup bag
  • Makeup Do’s and Don’ts
  • Everyday makeup routine
  • Create a spa kit
  • Do’s and don’ts for damaged hair
  • Best hair tools
  • how to minimize fine lines and wrinkles
  • Behind the scenes
  • How to clean makeup brushes
  • What’s in your closet
  • Get ready with me
  • Fashion haul
  • Comfortable stay at home clothes
  • Top fashion trends to follow
  • Fashion tips

Blogging About Blogging Post Ideas

  • How to start a blog
  • Reviewing products
  • How to choose a niche for your blog
  • All about SEO
  • Your favorite WordPress plugins
  • What struggles do you face while blogging
  • How to make money blogging
  • Why did you start blogging
  • Social media tips
  • Interview another blogger
  • How to plan your blog content
  • Free online courses to grow your blog
  • How to turn your blog into a business
  • List of blogging freebies
  • Blogging Challenge
  • SEO Checklist
  • How to write better blog posts

Craft/DIY Post Ideas

  • How to create Farmhouse Style decor on the cheap
  • Behind the scenes of your craft room/space
  • What are your favorite tools and products to use
  • Crafts for kids
  • Christmas craft ideas
  • Pumpkin crafts
  • Easy Fall crafts
  • Craft ideas for teenagers
  • Cheap craft ideas
  • DIY craft ideas on a budget
  • Easy craft ideas for kids
  • How you got started crafting
  • How to make money crafting
  • List of your favorite craft shops
  • 3 Things you could not craft without
  • Review a craft product
  • How to store your craft supplies
  • Favorite things to make around the Holidays
  • How to make homemade Mod Podge
  • DIY Dollar store crafts
  • Fun/Spooky Halloween crafts
  • How to buy craft items on a budget

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

  • Marriage/Relationship Tips
  • Important advice that you got recently
  • Parenting Toddlers
  • Dealing with mental health
  • Fun facts about you
  • Talk about your biggest mistakes and how to overcome them
  • Talk about your favorite place to go on vacation
  • How to meal prep
  • Favorite things to do in your city
  • Write about all the things you love
  • Tell your story
  • Write about your first job
  • A letter to your younger self
  • Share your hobbies
  • 10 Life Lessons
  • Bucket List
  • Gift Guides
  • Write about things that inspire you
  • A book/movie review
  • How to keep a budget
  • How I grew my social media accounts
  • Dollar Store Hacks
  • Recipes
  • How I embrace anxiety

Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

  • Share your blogging goals for your first month
  • 5 Bloggers that inspire you
  • Share a personal story with your audience
  • Explain why you started a blog
  • Make a helpful list post
  • Write a how-to post
  • Write an inspirational post
  • Create a gift guide
  • Things to be Thankful for
  • Blogging goals for your first year
  • How you chose your blog name
  • Round-Up post
  • Why you chose WordPress for your blog
  • Write your “About Me
  • Things to do before… (get creative)
  • Top places to visit
  • Photo a day challenge

The possibilities are endless! Inspiration comes from everything you do. You can modify any of the ideas listed above to what you want to write about.

Which of these lifestyle blog post ideas are you going to write about first?