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Decorate for Less: Dollar Tree Christmas Finds to Spruce Up Your Home

Soon it will be October and as I walked into my nearest Dollar Tree, I couldn’t believe it, Christmas stuff! As a blogger and crafter, all of these Dollar Tree Christmas Finds is just what I wanted to see to get started early.

Actually when I walked in, I found Fall, Halloween and Christmas stuff all lined up together, I was in holiday heaven, I kid you not.

So many crafting ideas was going through my mind on what I could make.

While I know that this is not all of the Christmas stuff that the Dollar Tree is going to be putting out, but this is all they had out while I was there at the time.

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Dollar Tree Christmas Finds

Dollar Tree Christmas Finds

I can see myself already, buying all of those bows above, I got great ideas for those. I am already buying out all of the splatter screens for my crafts, ha!

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Dollar Tree Christmas Finds

So many ideas for the clear plastic ornaments and small colored pom pom balls.

Dollar Tree Christmas Finds

While I am going to using a lot of felt, I think having these already in shapes are going to be coming in handy, I love the snowman one.

Dollar Tree Christmas Finds

Ribbon, Ribbon and more Ribbon! I will definitely be getting at least 2 of each of these, plus some of the wooden shapes to the right of the photo right above.

Dollar Tree Christmas Finds

Ah YES! More ribbon, that will take a whole trip there just for all of that.

If you are a crafter, what ideas did you come up just by see all of this Christmas stuff? Let me know in the comments below and if you enjoyed this, please PIN the graphic below.

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