How to Make DIY Faux Cotton Stems at Home

Cotton stems are very popular when it comes to farmhouse decor and I have been seeing them all over Pinterest.

While you can buy these already made in a lot of department stores, I decided I wanted to make my own DIY Faux Cotton stems for cheap.

As you probably can tell from reading this blog, I get most of my stuff to craft at the Dollar Tree.

DIY Faux Cotton Stems

Supplies for DIY Faux Cotton Stems

  1. Cotton Balls (I already has some on hand) but get some at the Dollar Tree.
  2. Potpourri found at Dollar Tree
  3. Glue of your choice, I used gorilla glue.
  4. Stems. You can find some at Dollar Tree but I wanted a more rustic look so I went with real sticks from my yard.
  5. Container to put your stems in. I painted the jar shown.
  6. Twine or anything to tie around your container (optional)
DIY Faux Cotton Stems

I am into painting mason jars also so I painted this one specifically for my stems.

DIY Faux Cotton Stems

There are many choices of potpourri to choose from, I just grabbed the basic one. There were some with different colors.

DIY Faux Cotton Stems

Removing some of the small brown pieces of the potpourri and just glued 3-4 around the cotton ball, leaving room at the bottom to glue to the end of the stem.

DIY Faux Cotton Stems

While mine is not that pretty, bring my first time, I think it turned out pretty well for now. I will be adding more later when I get some thinner, longer stems and will update the photo when done.

DIY Faux Cotton Stems

Once done, I used Raffia that I got from the Dollar Tree and and tied it around the top of the jar.

I really enjoyed making these and can’t wait to make more and put them in other places around the house.

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Let me know in the comments below, have you ever made these DIY Faux Cotton Stems?

DIY Faux Cotton Stems

DIY Faux Cotton Stems

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  1. Linda Ward says:

    Sounds like a simple idea.

    1. It’s very simple, I couldn’t beleve it. I hope you give it a try.

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