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Aisle of Love: Exploring Dollar Tree Valentines Day Finds

Valentines Day will be here before before you know it and I already thinking about what I can craft for the Holiday.

I went to check out the Dollar Tree Valentines Day merchandise and there were so many awesome things. Love is already in there air is all the stores.

I made sure to snap quiet a few photos to show you what you might can expect in your store.

I did ask if what was out is all there is going to be and it was a “yes”. I was kinda disappointed because there were no pretty Valentines ribbon.

Dollar Tree Valentines Day Finds

Dollar Tree Valentines day finds

I am much for fluffy glittery looking things as shown above, not even sure what I could make with them. They are kinda pretty though.

Dollar Tree Valentines day finds

Lot’s of little goodies show above that can be used to put into a Valentines bag or gift for the kids.

I will be putting something together for my grandkids soon and I will be picking up a few of these items.

Dollar Tree Valentines Day Finds

If you are into all of the cups and tumblers, there are lot’s to choose from.

I am a big coffee mug person myself but didn’t see any in this section of the store.

Dollar Tree Valentines day finds

I didn’t even pay attention to what was on this display until after I uploaded this photos (above) but these would make a cute Valentines Day gift basket.

Those are heart sequin pillows in the boxes, so cute.

Dollar Tree Valentines day finds

Love glasses, head wear and necklaces, for ones that like to dress up for the occasion.

Dollar Tree Valentines day finds

Glitter hears and gel stickers, lot’s to make with these. I did pick up some of the gel stickers for a craft, will update this post with that soon.

Dollar Tree Valentines day finds

Heart Doilies, table covers and more tumblers with straws. Great for any holiday table for parties.

Dollar Tree Valentines day finds

I love cute signs for any holiday. I see so many things I can add to my holiday tree and on the walls around it.

I have decided to leave my tree up and decorate it for the different holiday and seasons.

Dollar Tree Valentines day finds

Like I said before, I don’t care for all the glitter stuff but it seems to be pretty popular with any holiday BUT….do you see that truck in the bottom left corner, now that is a must have.

Dollar Tree Valentines day finds

If you’re into making bouquets and such, you will find lots of vases, floral and balloons. I might just have to make a couple myself.

Dollar Tree Valentines day finds

I seen so many things that I didn’t grab yet but I think these “Love you more” burlap banner are so cute.

I am not sure if you have seen the little mailboxes (I forgot to get them in the photo below) but they have some cute ones for Valentines, I picked up a couple of them.

Dollar Tree Valentines day finds

And let’s not forget all of the gift bags and candy, I could hardly contain myself, so much to choose from.

I have noticed though that there is really good quality candy and for only a dollar (I am picky about my candy and I love chocolate).

I always pic up quiet a bit for the grandkids and well, myself too.

Dollar Tree Valentines day finds

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Your store may have so much more or less, I was expecting more. But all in all, I was loving everything.

Be sure to check out my Valentines Pinterest board for some ideas of DIY and Crafts, so many awesome things to make and great if you craft on a budget, like me.

If you love all of these Dollar Tree Valentines Day Finds….please consider sharing.

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Dollar Tree Valentines Day Finds


Tuesday 29th of December 2020

Hi Teresa, I recently hit up my local store and found some great signs. I added some ribbon and would love to share pictures of my crafts.


Saturday 2nd of January 2021

That is great. I would love to see them. You can share them with us on my facebook page, . Happy New Year!

kelly c

Thursday 16th of January 2020

So cute!!!! I loveeeee walking through the dollar tree, and my 7 year old daughter usually comes along! Sometimes we just window shop, but usually we are in there for homeschool stuff or crafting things. We are currently trying to figure out what cheap craft we can make in bulk (we need about 50) for our church's upcoming Widow's dinner that we host yearly on Valentine's Day for the widows and widowers in our town. I'm thinking maybe bookmarks or something simple that we can make. Dollar tree has so many great ideas!!! AHH!!!!


Friday 17th of January 2020

Hi Kelly, thanks for stopping by mom blog and leaving a comment. Yes, Dollar Tree does have lots of great crafting things, I am addicted. There are so many things you can make for Valentine's day for your church event, what do you have in mind? BTW, I love your blog :)