5 Reasons Why Christmas In The 80s Was The Best

There is nothing like Christmas back in the good ol’ days, do you agree? I miss those days. Let me tell you the reasons why Christmas in the 80s was the best, at least for me they were.

5 Reasons Why Christmas In The 80s Was The Best

1. The Stores didn’t put out Christmas stuff in August

It was nice to be able to go into the stores before Halloween and only see Halloween decorations and not get overwhelmed.

Do you remember what it looked like?

Now when you walked into a department store, you can find Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas all in one section, oh lordy!

I heard Christmas music in a store just the other day and it’s mid October.

I understand the times have changes and people are in a hurry but I really do wish it would go back to the way it use to be, let us celebrate one at a time.

2. It was about not knowing what your gift was

Gosh, I remember being so excited one Christmas way back then (early 80s) and waking up to a new swing set in the back yard, had no clue before hand.

Now it seems everyone is asking “What do you want for Christmas”! What happened to just the thought of giving a gift and not worrying about what they wanted??

Do you agree?

I actually quit doing that a few years ago. Now I might get some ideas or a list but mainly I just shop online and find a gift that I think they would love and appreciate. The way it should be!

3. The Christmas movies started after Thanksgiving

Ok Hallmark Channel, I love Christmas movies but ya need to calm down!

I’m going to watch them anyways but…

I just got into the Fall and Halloween type movies that you have been showing the last week or so and now it’s about the change.

Just wishing they would start later like they did before (not before Halloween).

Which Christmas movies/shows are your favorite? Mine are the animated ones of course and Elf, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, It’s A Wonderful Life and all of the ones on the Hallmark Channel.

4. The whole family actually would get together

Not sure if your family did this but one side of my family would celebrate on Christmas Eve and the other side, Christmas Day.

Not the week before or the week after or even the next month!

I totally under people are busy, they gotta work or there is just so much going on but it was so much nicer the other way.

If all businesses would actually close on Christmas eve or close earlier in the day and all be closed on Christmas Day, more families would all be able to celebrate together, as it should be.

5. Believing that Santa was really coming

Does anyone have children that believe?

I must admit, back in those days I did believe. Why, because it was talked about a lot, the gifts where under the tree on Christmas morning, not the night before, the ones Santa would bring anyways.

All of us kids would go to bed earlier just so Santa would hurry and come. Did you do the same?

Santa is still talked about and your kids/grandkids probably believe, and that’s wonderful but… there are some that don’t because of some of the things I mentioned above.

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5 Reasons Whey Christmas In The 80s Was The Best

If you remember the 80s, what was the best part for you? Let me know in comments below.

5 Reasons Why Christmas In The 80s Was The Best

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