Budget-Friendly Autumn Decor: DIY Styrofoam Fall Wreath Idea

Fall will be here very soon and it’s actually my second favorite season. I love making Fall crafts and this Cheap and Simple Styrofoam Fall Wreath was just something I threw together this morning, took less than an hour.

These items used are just some things I had lying around in my craft pile.

Supplies for Styrofoam Fall Wreath

  1. Small round Styrofoam from Dollar Tree
  2. Burlap Ribbon from Dollar Tree – Brown and Tan
  3. Ribbon of your choice to make a bow
  4. Natural Raffia from Dollar Tree (added to bow)
  5. Small sign – this one came attached to a pumpkin from DG.
  6. Hot Glue
Cheap and Simple Styrofoam Fall Wreath

I was going to add fake flowers to this wreath but I like it that way it came out. You can use any decorations as you wish on your wreath.

Cheap and Simple Styrofoam Fall Wreath

Since there was not enough burlap ribbon on one roll to go around, I used two colors and rotated them all the way around the Styrofoam.

Cheap and Simple Styrofoam Fall Wreath

For the bow, I took different types of ribbon and the raffia and just layered them on top of each other, I then took another piece of ribbon and tied it all together and glued it to the wreath.

With the small sign, there is already one small whole on one end, I make another hole on the other end and ran raffia through it and tied it around the Styrofoam wreath. For extra securing, I added a little hot glue behind the sign.

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I really hope you enjoyed this little Fall craft, please be sure to Pin the graphic below.

Let me know in the comments what you think about it, did you like it?

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Cheap and Simple Styrofoam Fall Wreath

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