Crafting Bargains: 10 Must Haves from Dollar Tree for Creative Minds

Are you a crafter on a budget? If you are not already grabbing your supplies from the Dollar Tree, then you need to head over there and get these must haves from Dollar Tree for Crafting.

They have really added a more crafting items in these stores over the last year and seems to be adding more from time to time.

I go in quiet often to see what’s new and/or get new ideas for what I want to make.

10 Must haves from dollar tree for crafting

There are a few more items that I look for when I am in DT but these are the (I think) the most popular and you can use them to make so many things.

Mod Podge

Can’t go wrong with this stuff.

You can use it for so many things like apply fabric to glass or whatever you want to seal that you would not want to use hot glue on.

10 Must Haves From Dollar Tree For Crafting

Wood products

So many things to use these for.

Paint them as it or create some totally new with them buy gluing them to other things.

Use your imagination with these and be creative, so many ideas.

10 Must Haves From Dollar Tree For Crafting


I am sure you have come across on Pinterest all the things others are making with frames.

I have seen Lanterns, repainting them, turn them into chalkboards, add your own touches to them and so much more.

10 Must Haves From Dollar Tree For Crafting

Fake Floral

The possibilities are endless here.

Some of things you can make are wreaths, add them to vases, cut and glue to frames or use them to add color or beauty to what you already have in your home.

10 Must Haves From Dollar Tree For Crafting

Spanish Moss

If you have floral or any fake greenery in your own, these are something you might want to add to or put in the vase to give it that extra touch.

This stuff can be used to create so many other things too, like added to a wreath.

10 Must Haves From Dollar Tree For Crafting


I always have this on hand and use it quiet often. I use it a lot for the Fall season but it really can be used any time of year.

You can use it on a wreath, tie it around a frame, use it has part of your bow and so many other things.

10 Must Haves From Dollar Tree For Crafting


Use it to hold fake floral in place, glue things to it for your own creation and so many other things. It’s Styrofoam, you can’t go wrong with it for crafting.

10 Must Haves From Dollar Tree For Crafting


So many shapes and sizes and so many things you can do with them.

Some ideas are, fake floral, painting to match your decor, add candles, wrapped rope around them and so many other ideas.

10 Must Haves From Dollar Tree For Crafting

Rocks and More

These are always something cheap to grab to add to any decor in your home or outdoors.

Add to your vases for an extra touch, glue some of the glass looking rocks to wood to add to your outdoor patio and more .

There are shells to if you like the beach type decor.

10 Must Haves From Dollar Tree For Crafting

Jars and More

You can use these for just about anything.

Use them for vases, to put things in such for your bathroom (think q-tips and cotton balls).

Use some of the jars to leave as is or paint and add kitchen utensils to them.

The possibilities are endless here.

10 Must Haves From Dollar Tree For Crafting

How I shop for must haves from Dollar Tree

I know that sounds kinda silly, but yes I pretty much have a shopping pattern in Dollar Tree to make sure I don’t forget important crafting refills and to find others things I might need.

I hope this post has given you some ideas for crafting and/or decorating your home. Crafting and decorating on a budget can be fun and addicting.

Always check your local Dollar Tree for things you are looking for or needing.

I have actually came across some of these things at other stores and they cost more.

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Also, let me know in the comments below, what is some of your must haves from Dollar Tree?

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10 Must Haves From Dollar Tree For Crafting

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  1. Where in the world is the Dollar Tree that has so many cool craft things!!!! There are several Dollar Trees within a fifty mile radius of me and NONE have such a wide variety as many amazing things to craft with!!!!

    1. oh my goodness, so sorry to hear that. I know that every Dollar Tree is different and even some of mine have very little while the others have a lot. I would talk to the manager of your local stores and see what they can do to bring in more.

    2. @Ann, my Dollar Trees are pathetic. Never do they have such a well-stocked craft section. I’m so jealous!

    3. @Ann, you can always order online! There may be some minimums on a couple of things, but you can always use them! Look specifically for the brand Crafter’s Square.

  2. Ruth Gallashaw says:

    You can also go online to the dollar tree website and order the items you want and pick up at the nearest store.

    1. Oh I know, I’ve done it. It’s so convenient when you need multiples of each.

    2. @Ruth Gallashaw, I’ve ordered on-line, and either it takes forEVER, or it never shows up at all. They refund my money, but still….

  3. Garnetta Hunt says:

    Where is your Dollar Tree? The ones here in Clarksville TN are poorly stocked with the supplies needed to make “Dollar Tree” crafts.

    1. In East Texas. It’s when they first added a bigger craft section but now when I go in, its mostly picked over.

  4. I have never seen a Dollar Tree craft section look like!!! And I have been to a few

    1. Well, this was a new store that I had to check out. Things are never fully stocked now. It’s still a nice store

  5. Ours in Hendersonville, Tn. Is neat, well stocked, and friendly people work there.

  6. I want to know where this dollar tree is so I can go there! I have not been to one that the shelves ever look like that.

    1. This is when it first opened, I’m sure it doesn’t look that way not. I will have to go back and see lol

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